Frequently asked questions

Q: Will you sell or trade my information?
A: Absolutely not. We respect your privacy and your personal information will never be sold or otherwise provided to any third party.

Q: What is a "Relationship Game"?
A: Have you ever been asked to "work" on a relationship? True, relationships do take work, but we think you can also deepen and add sparkle to a relationship by playing together. In fact, when you and your significant other take part in the games you'll find on Relationship Games, you'll be doing the work of building a long-lasting and exciting relationship - except that it won't feel like work at all. It will be a fun and playful adventure for both of you!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Relationship Games is free of charge in the early release phase! It is possible that the final release will offer services that require a small investment to access, but we will always provide a free participation option as well.

Q: Is this some kind of swingers' club?
A: Absolutely not. Relationship Games is designed to bring committed couples even closer together.

Q: Can I participate without a partner?
A: Because Relationship Games is all about adding playful energy and deeper commitment to existing romantic relationships, you must have a partner to participate.

Q: Does my partner need to be an active participant also?
A: Yes. A relationship takes two, and to get all the benefits that Relationship Games offers, both you and your partner will need to participate actively.

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